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Women Rock It ® events empower women to overcome the emotional, social, and professional obstacles holding them back in life. The events, for women and men, encourage open conversation about intimate truths, bringing the audience beyond the intellectual and into the realm of feelings. Coupling personal and professional development, Women Rock It® embraces both sides of the same set of issues that women regularly face, all while providing a supportive environment to connect and unite for change.

erik funeral card

This year, we present Women Rock It ® with Heart on April 20, 2013, the 10 year anniversary of the sudden death of Erik Grieve, 29, the late husband of Women Rock It Co-Producer Hyla Molander. On April 20, 2003, Hyla was seven months pregnant with their second daughter when she and her 17-month-old watched Erik die from Brugada Syndrome.

We bring you Women Rock It® with Heart as a celebration of life, a tribute to healing hearts, and a reminder of the strength within us all to find light in our darkness. It will be a night of miracles.



With the help of world-renowned geneticist Dr. Charles Antzelevitch, one of the evening's featured speakers, Molander recently discovered that her young daughters, 9 and 11, both inherited their late father's Brugada Syndrome. Proceeds from Women Rock It with Heart will go to The Cardiac Institute at the Masonic Medical Research Lab (, which is developing a treatment to prevent ventricular fibrillation in Brugada Syndrome and other SIDS and SADS diseases that cause sudden cardiac death.

This year's event will kick off the evening with a VIP Mix & Mingle. The Main Event will address your needs in life, success and health as its panel of speakers and entertainers share from the heart their practical knowledge, wisdom and talents. The evening will end on a high note with a lively after-party for further connection and celebration.

If you would like to make a donation separate from the ticket purchase, please click this donate button.



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